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Chinese soup with Malony

Cooking time / about 20 minutes

Chinese soup with Malony

Nutrition Info (1 serving)

Energy 72 Calories
Protein 4.0g
Fat 3.9g
Carbohydrate 8.1g
Calcium 17mg
Salt equivalent 1.5g

An easy one pot soup. Just put the ingredients in and boil.

Ingredients (4 servings)

30g/1.1oz Malony
2 shiitake mushrooms
20g/0.7oz carrot
Scallion for garnish
800ml water
14g/0.5oz Chinese soup stock
2 eggs


1. Slice the shiitake mushrooms, shred the carrot, finely chop the scallion.
2. Put the water and Chinese soup stock in a pot over the heat.
When it boils, add Malony, shiitake mushrooms, carrot and simmer them.
3. Beat the eggs.
4. When Malony becomes tender, turn off the heat, and gently add the eggs and mix them.
5. Pour the soup into a bowl and dress it with scallion.

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