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Malony (dry noodles)

Available in 100g or 180g
(about 3.5oz or 6.3oz) package

Malony (Process patent No.449343) is a product manufactured under hygienic conditions in an automated facility using the patented manufacturing process developed by us, using carefully-selected refined starches as its base ingredients.

Material in Malony

Malony is mainly comprised of "potato starch" blended with "corn starch," both of which are produced in Hokkaido. Consequently, its country of origin is Japan and it is manufactured and processed in one of our four factories in Japan: Osaka factory, Kyushu Iizuka factory, Hamamatsu factory, or Shinshu Ina factory. Malony is a 100% made-in-Japan product.
* All the materials used are non-GM.

Malony contains no allergens.

Malony is made from refined starches (highly-purified starches) and water and does not contain any allergens. From the first day of operation, our manufacturing lines have been manufacturing Malony only and have not been in contact with any materials containing allergens. You can feel safe when you eat it.

Monde Selection (The International High Quality Trophy) Gold awarded in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 successively

Malony's "healthy deliciousness" has been recognized worldwide. Malony is manufactured under thorough quality control standards according to our corporate philosophy of "delivering natural deliciousness along with a feeling of safety." Its fine transparency results from the high purity of the starches used as principal components. The high quality achieved by the 100% use of potatoes produced in the Tokachi plain and other areas in Hokkaido has been proven in the strict component analysis/inspection conducted by laboratories approved by the Belgian Ministry of Welfare. This resulted in Malony winning the honor of the Monde Selection award.

How to eat/cook Malony

In addition to being used as an ingredient in one-pot dishes, Malony can be used in salads or marinades, or can also be added to simmered dishes like Nikujaga(stemed meat,onion,potato dish). You can find various recipes in the "Malony Recipes" section.

Characteristics of Malony

  • Convenient, pre-cut style to reduce waste.
  • Specially-designed combination of materials prevents excessive softening due to boiling and allows better seasoning penetration.
  • Clear transparency and tender and smooth texture is well-received across generational lines from children to elders.
  • Can be used widely in salads, soup, stir-fried dishes, and others.


Potato starch (non-GM)
Corn starch (non-GM)
Thickener (CMC)
Polysaccharide thickener

Nutrition facts (per 100g in dried state)



Protein 0.1g
Fat 0.2g
Carbohydrate 86.8g
Sodium 35.3mg

* Malony will swell by four to five times in volume after it is cooked. Consequently, the calories decrease to 70 to 90kcal per 100g.

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