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Malony (dry noodles)

Available in 500g
(about 17.6oz) package

Malony is a product manufactured under hygienic conditions in an automated facility using the patented manufacturing process we developed, using carefully-selected refined starches as its base ingredients.

Components in Malony

Malony is mostly comprised of "corn starch"; "potato starch" is produced in Hokkaido. Consequently, its country of origin is Japan and it is manufactured and processed in one of our four factories in Japan: Osaka factory, Kyushu Iizuka factory, Hamamatsu factory, or Shinshu Ina factory. Malony is a 100% made-in-Japan product.
* All the materials used are non-GM.

How to eat/cook Malony

In addition to being used as an ingredient in one-pot dishes, Malony can be used in salads or marinades, or can also be added to simmered dishes like Nikujaga(stemed meat,onion,potato dish). You can find various recipes in the "Malony Recipes" section.

Characteristics of Malony

  • Convenient, pre-cut style to reduce waste.
  • A specially designed product that is uniquely designed to preserve flavor while also preventing excessive softening after boiling.
  • Its clear, tender, and smooth texture is well-received across all generations.
  • It can be used in various types of dishes such as salads, soup, stir-fried, and more.

Components in Malony

Potato starch (non-GM)
Corn starch
Thickener (CMC)
Polysaccharide thickener

Nutrition facts (per 100g in dried state)



Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 86.8g
Sodium 33.5mg

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