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These days, people strive to have safe and healthy eating habits as well as delicious foods. From the day our company was established, we have been endeavoring to develop cooking ingredients by taking advantage of the vast wealth of materials found in nature, in accordance with our corporate philosophy of contributing to people's healthy eating habits. "Malony" is an ingredient born from this strong passion. Using potato starch from the great natural area of Hokkaido, and corn starch as principal components, Malony was born through an innovative manufacturing process developed using our unique technologies. With its "healthy deliciousness" and the added benefit of "simple and easy cooking," Malony has gained wide popularity as a completely new starch noodle exceeding conventional bean-starch vermicelli. Both now and in the future, we are aggressively tackling the development of cooking ingredients that will please and be supported by customers.

Malony - Management Philosophy

  1. To be a proud, independent company that provides reliable, safe, and abundant food products, and make ongoing contributions to society through our business activities
  2. To engage in corporate management that allows employees to pursue personal and professional development and find purpose and stability through their work

Company overview

Trade name

Malony Co., Ltd.

Representative person

Katsuaki Namba, President


Food manufacturing


September 17th, 1950


March 25th, 1955


60 million yen


185 (as of April, 2022)


  • Head office, Osaka factory: 2-26, Nakanoshimacho, Suita, Osaka, 564-0035, Japan;
    TEL: +81-(0)6-6381-2626 (main number)  MAP
  • Factories: Ina, Nagano; Hamamatsu, Shizuoka; Iizuka, Fukuoka

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